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Let's focus on the person who truly matters. Discover how and why.

For those who crave the extraordinary, the profound, and the untouched beauty, you stand on the brink of a remarkable journey.

Commissioning a portrait not only signifies prestige and celebrates your chosen subject but also elevates your art collection and creates lasting value to be cherished for generations.

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"All things are created twice: first, a mental creation; second, a physical creation."

- Stephen Covey

Apply for the initial consultation to see if we are a good fit. Once we agree to start this exciting journey together and sign the paperwork, I'll create reference photos or start preliminary drawings form your professional photographs.

As I navigate the halfway point of our artistic expedition, we'll connect again through a video call. This is a special moment for you to see the progress and contribute to the mid-journey reflections. 

With the initial sketches ready, it's time for you for your input. Once you're thrilled with the direction, I'll gather the most exquisite art materials, preparing for the creation of your masterpiece. Now, the real magic begins: weeks of meticulous studio work.

As I put the final touches on your portrait, I will organise a custom framing that is ready to hang when it arrives. Your Masterpiece will be carefully packaged and sent to you, or we can arrange a grand unveiling in my studio.





From the beginning

The Timeline

key milestones in the portrait creation process

The celebratory part of the process takes place in the studio or at a location of your choice. Your family, friends or your professional environment are welcome to raise a glass to you.


Atlanta's PROCESS


A face can be an open book or a complete mystery. It is only when I fall in love with the form and the substance of an object that I begin to truly capture its essence. Call me the Beauty Architect. Tell me who and why, and I will help you create an outstanding portrait infused with honour, beauty, stardust, heroism and genuine awe.

There is nothing like observing a person's personality, temperament and features live. I love to get to know a person in person, or at least via video link if possible. A photo shoot in my studio in Cologne or a video call is usually enough to find exactly what I need to start working on the manifestation of the vision. This is followed by weeks of meticulous studio work.


Portrait Painting

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Portrait DRAWING


Portrait photography

fine art

being Loved

The commissioned portrait by Atlanta is an exquisite addition to our collection. Its aesthetics and depth surpass all art market trends and fashions.

- Jan & Emelie, Collectors

We never share any details of your commissioned portrait, including its existence, without your consent.
Online and offline confidentiality.


The artworks are not only a legacy bridging generations. They are a portrait of human history. 


Beauty is a powerful force that is not in the eye of the beholder only. Harmony and aesthetics are the very reason our studio exist.



Having a limited number of commissions per year allows me to invest more time into creating masterpieces.




To give my collectors the best, I only accept a handful of commissions per year. Once you are ready, simply reach out to begin the conversation about your transformational Masterpiece

Submit your inquiry via the contact form on our website. You will then receive access to my calendar to choose a convenient time for a discovery call. During this call, we'll explore your vision and discuss how we can bring it to life.

If our visions align, I will send you a detailed proposal. Once you approve and sign it and make the deposit, we embark together on a unique artistic collaboration.


Explore the captivating process of commissioning a bespoke portrait in our concise guide. Uncover the essential stages of creating a timeless heirloom, from initial consultation to the grand reveal. Embark on an artistic journey and craft a one-of-a-kind Masterpiece with our expert insights.

for the informed collector

Frequently asked questions

What is the payment process?

After you sign the contract, a deposit will be paid. There is usually a second instalment in the middle and the final instalment after finishing the artwork. All invoices can be paid online. 

I don't live in Germany. How can you take reference photographs of me?

If you can't make it to my studio, you can send me professional photographs you like. Otherwise, I can recommend or book a photographer near you who will do quality work.

The person I would like you to paint can not attend.

As I don't do live painting, good quality rference photographs of this person are usually enough.

Do you paint animals?

Not as standalone portraits. They might play a supporting role within a human portrait, though.

I can't decide between drawing, photography and painting.

I am sure you will know it by the end of our discovery call. I only accept very few commissions per year, therefore book a time slot to avoid delays.

Do you publish the process on Instagram?

No. Internet never forgets and face recognition technology is thriving. To protect your privacy and ensure confidentiality of my clients, I have a policy to never share any details of your commissioned artwork, including its existence without your consent.

How long does it take?

The intricate process of oil, including drying times, requires a minimum of 3 months. A drawing might take 2 months and a fine portrait photograph up to 1 month.




We are located in Cologne, Germany. 
Our clients are from all over the world.
Apply for a call to see if we are a good fit.